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Perfect Cooker Reviews

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love it, so handy, and I am not a chef, this makes me want to cook, thank you so much!
Name: nancy
I really like it. I had to give it 1 to 5 stars it would be 4. I made delicious meat loaf but it fell apart. The chicken pot pie called for 2 cups of heavy cream. It was a mistake in the recipe. Wasted all the ingredients. Omelet was great and will make another one tomorrow with the English muffin.yummy.
Name: Sandy Marbs
Perfect Cooker 5 quart is the most amazing little cooker! I didn't think I would love it this much! I have used it for soups, gumbo, chili, rice, mac and cheese. It's great for making just the right amount of rice for a side dish for my family of 5. I find I use it more than my big 10 cup rice cooker. I love to take it to work. My co-workers are constantly raiding my little pot. (Thank goodness it makes enough to share!) And added's so cute!
Name: Mary Walker
Thank you very much I love to use my perfect cooker it is very convenient and I become very creative I also like to buy another one for my sister for abirthday gift I would like to have in the goal o birthday gift I would like to have in red color please thank you very much it is wonderful to have some think like that when you are really busy woman
Name:  Margarita yakubova
The cooker is wonderful, glad I ordered it, A friend has one so now we will check each others ideas. Thanks
Name: EvelynFrasier
I love my Perfect Cooker. So easy to use, compact and very versatile. I use it for soups, rice, veggies, and more! Good for those who are looking to make easy, healthy dishes.
Name: Bridget Benjamin
Love it, love it, love it!
Name: Sandra lemons
makes good and fast meal for 2-3 people. imagination and exploring recipes is fun
Name: Cliff Reeves
I love this cooker! I've made a couple dishes already using my own recipes. Perfectly cooked, perfect portions every time. So glad I made this purchase. 3 cup size is great for one or two people. Just bought a 5 cup for my daughter and her family.
Name: Jackie
The perfect cooker is everything that was mentioned in the TV advertisement. Great for quick and easy meals.
Name: Clark Jackson
The perfect cooker is wonderful. My 19 year old son even love it. Thank you
Name: KAtrina
Love ❤ Love ❤ my perfect cooker use it everyday
Name: Mashell Simpson
Makes the perfect omelets and fish.
Name: Rebecca Krangel
I love my perfect cooker I gave one of my three to a friend they love it too thank you
Name: John Kemphaus
This is a great product. It is not only a time saver but is very convenient to use for one or two people at a time. Love this product
Name: George Crocker
The perfect cooker has done perfect brown rice :). Thank you. I will be looking into the other recipes and give those a try.
Name: Abigail Obeso-Montoya
works great !!
Name: Richard Brow
We are so pleased with our Perfect Cooker and with the 360 Pan! Fantastic. Simple. Time saving. Money saving. Just great! Thanks!
Name: RK Gregory
Its awesome
Name: Wanda King
The easiest unit to cook just about anything.
Name: Paul
The best thing I've ever bought through hsn
Name: Konsuk schramm
to cook rice it's perfect
Name: Michelle
I really love your product. It works very well thank you for the quick delivery .
Name: Mario
I'd I were to tell you I liked it...I would be lying! I LOVE it! And, that is an understatement. So east to use and clean up is a breeze. The best part is making just the right amount for my husband and myself! Wonderful extra recipes from Eric Theiss.. I love the soups, the sloppy Joes, the cheesecake, both Mac and cheese recipes... I cannot name a single recipe that hasn't been great! Thank you so much! You have given me a tool that moves easily from my kitchen to my camper! A home run! Paula 👍
Name: Paula St.Pierre
Just like I saw on TV. Love it
Name: Serge
am a travel nurse take it with me to hotels to cook my meals i love my perfect cooker
Name: elizabeth
Made a great meal in a short time for the two of us
Name: John
wonderful little cooker it makes perfect meal for two
Name: yvon roussel
I like perfect cooker for myself
Name: carolyn casiana
Name: Jim Gullickson
This cooker by far is a wonderful addition to any persons kitchen.
Name: Deborah Larsen
I am in love with this !
Name: Mary Fritch
I love it for breakfast it make a good potatoes, sausage, egg omelette. Thank you perfect cooker.
Name: Sandra
cooks brown rice perfectly love it
Name: Nancy Gibson
love it love it love it, i feed a family of 4 and on weekends many friends and it has cut my time in the kitchen in half, and i plan on ordering me another one,
Name: deborah
I cooked i love is so good so perfect
Name: Robert Lamoureux
it get does all the stuff that says, I am only one person so this makes so that i do not have to use the big stove
Name: karen
I cooked smoked Basmati rice and it was perfect...glad i ordered it
Name: Bobby Bennett
I LOVE it....I use it several times a week.....I got the deal with 2 perfect cookers.....originally my plan was to have one for work and one for home, but as it turns out I am using them both at home because I can make "kid dinners" in one, for both of my daughters, who are relatively picky, and I can make an "adult dinner" for myself, which ends up being enough to take leftovers to work for lunch the next day! So it definitely ended up living up to its name "Perfect" Cooker! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Name: Nicole Spildener
I am a single senior citizen. I love this very handy little cooker. It makes just the right amount so I am wasting far less and it is very easy to use. I highly recommend it.
Name: Judy Wels
What a great little helper.....keep the good work and product.
Name: Bonnie Patero
It's the perfect answer to all I needed. I gave the second pot to my granddaughter. She's delighted. It turns out to be the handiest gift I’ve presented myself with. I use it every odd day. It was a great deal.
Name: Gerry Pagé
I love the product and I am sending one to my mother to cancun, Mexico where she lives. I am really enjoying it it was a good purchase.
Name: Maria Griselda Shadle
I am very happy with my Perfect Cooker. I use one at home and one in my Motor Home. Cleanup is fantastic and little space it uses
Name: Ruth Dowell
Love our two Used the 5 cup for the first time for rice and it did a great job. I wonder if there is a cook book. The few recipes that came with it are nice but looking for a more complete book
Name: Janet
I think this is a wonderful little cooker . I travel in a motor coach around the country for work, and for one person this is a spectacular little appliance. Takes up little or no countertop space , all the ingredients in one pot, cleanup is simple and easy . What more could you ask for, I think it's great !!
Name: Gary M Gerhard
It awesome cooker and my life's love to use it
Name: justin watson
It is great. Just the right size for 2 people. Very easy to use. I am glad I bought more than 1 set. Thank you.
Name: Arlene Maxwell
I love my cooker and I am going to get the bigger one soon, I have been using it almost non stop since I got it.
Name: Monica Newbill
I love it and I use it a lot because it is the perfect size for me
Name: Brenda Fowler
It is fantastic, very easy to use. Made cheese cake and Egg Muffin.
Name: Mayling Juarez
I live alone and the 3 cup size is just perfect for me. I also purchased one for my daughter. Great little appliance. I bought the red one and it is small enough to keep right on my counter.
Name: Valerie Gardner
Used my Perfect Cooker for the first time last night. Made the meatballs/sauce recipe from the book. Very good and super easy. Will try a different recipe soon. The only thing I would have added was a buzzer to let us know when it went from cook to warm.
Name: Sharon Johnson
Excellent product
Name: robert smith
Finally able to make perfect rice! Love it!
Name: Pam Chapman
I enjoy it very much.
Name: MS PHRIN .A Seatts